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MYTOOLS Enterprise Company Profile

品質第一 顧客至上 持續改善 永續經營
Our policy of quality:
Quality first, customer first, continuous improvement and sustainable management.
Conflict Minerals Statement
MYTOOLS ENTERPRISE CO., LTD is committed to using conflict-free minerals by not accepting gold (Au), Tantalum (Ta), Tin (Sn), and Tungsten (W) originated from militant-controlled mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or related countries. Our products don't contain these metals.

The commitment as a top plier manufacturer

Established in 1987, MYTOOLS Enterprise Co., a.k.a HyperClaw, is a professional manufacturer and supplier of high quality hand tool based in Taiwan .

That we commit ourselves to make high precision hand tool of reliability is what we have been doing as a sophisticated manufacturer for more than 20 years.

There are about 50 employees in our company and most of them are working in the factory area of around 2500 square meters. The monthly production capacity is more than 150,000 pieces of different types of pliers and other VDE hand tools.

MYTOOLS factory gate
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drilling machine
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The flow chart of our plier production includes the following manufacturing process.

Material → Forging → Anealing → Milling Process → Assembly (QC) → Heat Treatment (QC) → Cutting Edge High Frequency Hardening → Temper (QC) → Polished → Surface Finish (QC) → Laser Brand → Handle → Package (QC) → Delivery

High Frequency Hardening
< High Frequency Hardening >
milling machine
< milling machine >
rivet joint process
< rivet joint process >
plier adjustment
< plier adjustment process >

Our business model is working as an OEM, ODM partner for the customers, either the big brand companies or the distributors worldwide.

Having faced the severe competition from the mainland China and India, we have distinguished ourselves from the low end plier manufacturers by the advanced manufacturing technique and the working attitude to make truely high quality pliers to meet the high end customers of famous brands around the world.

plier handle installation
< plier handle installation >
< handle print >

To upgrade our product quality and market, we have been investing more capital on the machines and staff training to improve the technique in plier manufacturing. Thus, we got the VDE license in the early of 2004 that our VDE pliers are tested to EN 60900 1,000V. In addition, we have also successfully developed ESD precise electric pliers in Apr. of 2004.

dielectric strength test and resistance of insulation test
< dielectric strength test and resistance of insulation test >
flame test machine
< flame test machine >
aging test machine
< aging test machine >
pull test machine
< pull test machine >

Keeping dedicating ourselves to the plier manufacturing, HyperClaw is your reliable business partner of handtools in plier.


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