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Chinese bicycle production in the first town of the company nearly half closed

In recent years, shared bicycles have been booming in the Chinese market, and they have been chased by various capitals. Together with the important production base of bicycles, Tianjin Wangqingyu Town has flourished and is known as the “first town for shared bicycle production”. However, after the craze for sharing bicycles disappeared, today's Wang Qingyu town has blown up the wind, and the highest peak has reached 500 bicycle manufacturers including the leading push bikes manufacturer, Angel Lime, and now it has closed more than 200.

The Daily Economic News reported that shared bicycles, which were originally popular in the capital market, are not doing well today, but even more difficult are bicycle manufacturers. Tianjin Wangqingyu Town is a major bicycle production town in mainland China. As early as 2010, the annual production and sales of bicycles in the town accounted for one-eighth of the production and sales volume in the mainland.

The local industry has no choice but to say that at present, whether it is a vehicle manufacturer or a component manufacturer, after a round of tragic shuffling, the surviving operators have not dared to accept orders for sharing bicycles.

Yang Qingliang, general manager of Tianjin Jieyida Bicycle Factory, said that many companies were dragged down by the late payment. He pointed out that, in general, shared bicycle companies signed a framework contract, which is not too binding. This means that once the shared bicycle company's capital chain has problems, it is difficult for its suppliers to get back the money through legal channels.

The report said that the rise of shared bicycles made Wang Qingyu feel the power of standing on the air. "Today, the wind has stopped." According to the data, in 2017, the cumulative number of bicycles in the mainland shared bicycles totaled 23 million vehicles and covered 200 cities. The market is saturated. According to statistics from other research institutes, the number of abandoned bicycles abandoned in the mainland has exceeded one million, and many of these bicycles are still brand new.

Li Shuheng, general manager of Angel Lime Bicycles, said that the components of shared bicycles and the components of ordinary bicycles cannot be used interchangeably. If they are invalid, they can only be sold as scrap iron. He said that the popular shared bicycle has become a "excess bicycle". For the production enterprises, the market is saturated, and the transformation can be transformed. If it cannot be transformed, it will be closed with tears.

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