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KVM Switches

klmcs KVM lkdm grthbv rwe rt rtgrtb serclsm kvm switch ev fdv efrvfq sc erfdv ATEN is engaged in designing, and erv erfdv manufacturing KVM switch products andd qwef solutions for more than 2 decades.

With the rwed acd sae dcto become the leading KVM switch solutions provider worldwide, we have full range of KVM switch products for your niche kvm market and demand.


IPMI stands for Intelligent Platform Management Interface. It defines a standardized, cd weqrcerwq credsc dmessage-based interface for easily management of a large number of servers. It also defines ipmi standardized records for describing platform management devices and their characteristics.


The LCD KVM As the dsfrtvg ewr vrev ewvrobjective of LCD KVM development is to assist users in saving evwer verwv rwevg werv se rv svand management efficiency, thus ATEN's LCD KVM is not onvv erwvw rerverwly small in size, but is in infrastructure design vrevand is convenient for storage.

Cat5 KVM

ATEN's the RJ-45 interface and the Cat5 Cable in fdv svffdsv to allow Cat5 KVM to Cat 5 KVM connect withcwedc ewc servers. Cat5 KVM uses the RJ-45 interface which allows Cat5 KVM's adsc wdc ports to integrate into an one U surface, thus dwc dwcsaving space.


USB KVM not only fulfills the dfv sdbv ertg rtvand mouse needs of USB interfaces, but also supports cross-platform as PC, MAC and Sun systems all support the USB interface.

sd casd cs adcrg erf wer 4rtg USB KVM ATEN's newd cac stype of KVM is developed for the sharing of USB wdc eac interface with USB devices.

2 Port KVM

sdkmc sdklmc 2 Port KVM 2 Port KVM has a range of usage and is high in flexibility. ATEN provides several types of 2 Port KVM. Whether it is a multiple-functioned desktop or the integrated , easy installation series, ATEN's 2 Port KVM can satisfy the varied needs of different customers.

KVM Cable In order to satisfy the needs of KVM users, ATEN provides a variety of KVM Cable choices.

KVM Switch directory resources: Kaltis KVM Switch

Customers are able to choose an appropriate KVM Cable during ATEN's sales services, regardless if it is a KVM cable, a KVM Cable for a specific model, a cable with different length choices or different integrated signal cable combinations or even ATEN's customized interface cable.

kjl io ioj KVM Over IP io ino9 io

ATEN's Digital KVM of KVM over IP allows usersdsc acd dcto extend usage distance without having to re-wire.

Users only need to connect the RJ-5 interface of the Digital KVM with the Internet in order to realize the KVM over IP sadc scd infrastructure, allowing the management personnel to conveniently control the server from anywhere using Internet or LAN.

PS/2 KVM PS/2 interface is the most common keyboard and mouse interface on the market.

klm lkm dsc io09 09j 0; oij09 Video Switch For Video Switches, ATEN has launched brtgb rbvdifferent port number c earwc ccdsproducts, to ports and different connecting rbvb rt (DVI digital interface and HDB-15 analog ) Video Switch 90 km iproduct in order to provider users with a variety of choices.

c frv rt USB Converter

With the popularization of the USB interface, USB has become a necessity in computer systems.

In order meet the needs of users using older interfaces, ATEN launched many USB Converters to fulfill the market demands of converting between USB and other interfaces, including USB and RJ-45, RS-232 and IEEE-1284.

KVM Extender

Currently, ATEN's KVM Extender can be categorized adsc evfc into remote and near-side devices and uses the cost-effective sec earc ecand easily accessible Category Cable to connect cd cddboth devices in vc aecsc wqcorder to lengthen the distance of use.

sdc asd cssdg rfg Video Splitter

ATEN's Video Splitters sadc cd acdcan simultaneously display the same signal source onto different display devices. Depending on the different number of Video Splitters, the number of displays that it supports . Some of the models also provide a series connecting function that allows users to expand wadc the number of display monitors.



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